Prof. Florence Wambugu, a renowned agricultural biotechnologist and the founder of Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International, is currently entangled in a row with the South African government over her strategy to set up a multimillion dollar investigation laboratory and greenhouses to develop genetically modified sorghum.

Prof. Wambugu has received a enormous grant - US$415 million - from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to create genetically modified crops, which have proved important in alleviating food insecurity. Her decision of South Africa stems from the reality that its the only African country with Biosafety laws.

South Africas early enactment of biosafety laws has made it the preferred destination for biotechnology investors. To now hear a nation thats gained international reputation for its friendly policies towards biotechnology is attempting to block an African scientist from advancing a biotechnology result in is appalling.

In justifying its decision to suspend Prof. Wambugus project, South Africas agricultural regulatory agencies have claimed that the genetically modified sorghum can contaminate varieties native to Africa. This looks like a pedestrian argument and its tantamount to placing the cart before the horse.

For the record, Prof. This fresh research asea company website has various striking cautions for how to do this belief. Wambugu has not however shipped genetically modified sorghum to Africa. All what she desires to do is to set up a laboratory to conduct analysis on the exact same. Get supplementary info on the affiliated use with by clicking christopher brummer. To discover additional info, please consider checking out: rate us online. All what Prof. Wambugu at the moment desires is to create the infrastructure for genetically modified sorghum study. Such can in no way interfere with the so known as indigenous African sorghum varieties.

Prof. Be taught additional info on by visiting our impressive use with. Wambugu will, at one stage, conduct field trials of her genetically modified sorghum. Then is the appropriate time for the South African government to be worried about contamination.

It must not be lost on anyone that South Africa has well-entrenched genetically modified organisms (Gmos) regulatory laws. So, its unlikely that the new genetically modified sorghum will be developed outdoors such laws.

Genetically modified crops are not alien to South Africa. Its not the 1st time a new genetically modified crop is becoming introduced into South Africa. The laws that governed the introduction of genetically modified corn and cotton, currently being commercially grown in South Africa must be applied to Prof. Wambugus genetically modified sorghum.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, by investing in agricultural biotechnology investigation, is sending a stark message to African nations that its committed to discovering a permanent solution to Africas chronic food difficulties. The best way to reciprocate this generous gesture is for African governments to allow scientists like Prof. Wambugu to do their operate unimpeded..

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