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A: I draw from real life events, my background, my experience and the time and place.

Q: Has it been your first project with Photoshop?

A: No, I love the simplicity of the program and look.

Q: Did you have any other projects you looked at with your own skills or your own eyes?

A: Definitely not.

Q: Did you have a problem of Photoshop having any weird limitations?

A: The problems could be a problem, like if the program were being used for another project. Or maybe it was on the internet for an upcoming event of a specific party.

Q: Could you give any examples of the different problems when you created the virtual instructoryoutube - - website, and how they were handled so far?

A: I have never been able to create any web page at all as a matter of course.

Q: How many of these pages did you create when you first started working at Photoshop?

A: Over a thousand.

Q: Do you have a favorite style of a webpage?

A: Nope.

Q: Do you ever look at a page that is similar in character to your own as a form to see how it looked on your screens or in the browser and why it looks the way it does?

A: I always look at that page without any input. (laughs)

Q: Which of the following should you give a thumbs up for?

A: "What's your personal favorite book title, and what do you want to say about it?"

Q: What are your favorite paintings and music, and what do you like to take part in?

A: "I look at any art book I can find."

Q: What kind of images you are most interested in?


Q: "How do I find out if any images I've created are real?"

A: "Who in their right mind would want to find out?"

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