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The second half of the season has come to an end. It is time to move on from the last match-up in the Western Conference playoff series, and I'd like to take away one final last moment of peace from my thoughts.

There has been a few stories about the team in this match-up, with my teammates. Here's my take:

The Red Bulls have lost one of their last three games to MLS newcomers. They have lost six of their last eight games this season. That gives the Red Bulls time to figure out how to earn money from youku,, to get a win. I'm more excited to see where we go with this team, so I'm hoping these are the last three games where they figure out how to win.

So what do I know?

I'm excited to hear from the Red Bulls at all times, but as an experienced writer who isn't going to do sports reporting in the mainstream media I've never had a clue.

This match-up comes off as a great day for the Red Bulls, as they are finally back in the playoffs and have finally put together some good results.

While Red Bulls vs. Timbers is the end of the line for the club, it also includes other potential options. We'll see which one wins over LA, Red Bulls vs. Colorado and Timbers vs. Real Salt Lake. That's a long list, and you'll have to wait to see who I'll break down for the Red Bulls in the coming weeks.

I'll admit, I wasn't very thrilled. I didn't watch or watch it, I thought it was just a good soccer game, then some. I watched it live, didn't even notice it (I'm not sure I even watched the actual match) then I remembered it and wanted a review, just what I didn't get from MLS. It wasn't a bad match, but the Timbers gave us an odd run down.

Not only did this match have some really interesting points, it also had some interesting moments.

A good game. We were able to get the Red Bulls into the red zone early with the assist, they created some great chances and some problems came our way. The Timbers had the ball in the open field early, the red line really was in play, but the ball got wide for both teams and a
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